Good Box March/Март 2016


Това ще е първият ми пост на български и няма как да е иначе, след като е посветен на една чудесна българска услуга! Good Box, както самите й създатели казват е „първата в България залена кутия, пълна с чисти, здравословни и био продукти“.

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My Day & Night Skin Care Routine

What I have learned through my experience with skincare is that you don’t need a ton of products, nor you need to pay a ton of money to get your skin balanced and healthy looking. What you actually need is products with simple clean natural ingredients that fit your skin’s needs at the time. I have also noticed the fewer products I managed to use on my skin, the better results I’ve accomplished.

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Hello 2016!

Good morning and Happy New Year! :)

May this year bring you tons of health, joy and wellbeing! True happiness, energy and strength, motivation, fulfillment, positive emotions, more reasons to smile, unexpected adventures, enlightening travels, many warm moments with your loved ones and accomplished dreams!!!

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