Eco Vacation in Stara Kresna

The first post of July is here and it’s actually dedicated to a wonderful eco-like vacation in the picturesque village of Stara Kresna we had in the middle of June. Yes, it takes me that long to gather those photos in a post :)

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Good Box May/Май 2016

A whole month has gone without me blogging and I kind of need to say – I’ve missed it! I’ve lacked the inspiration and inner drive to write about things I enjoy, perhaps there haven’t been many to share anyway during these last weeks. The main reason has been some personal negative experience and emotions I was going through. However, one thing time does best to your soul is healing. Bad things pass and gloomy emotions fade away. Cheers to brighter days and to a new blog post! :)

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Good Box March/Март 2016


Това ще е първият ми пост на български и няма как да е иначе, след като е посветен на една чудесна българска услуга! Good Box, както самите й създатели казват е „първата в България залена кутия, пълна с чисти, здравословни и био продукти“.

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Hello 2016!

Good morning and Happy New Year! :)

May this year bring you tons of health, joy and wellbeing! True happiness, energy and strength, motivation, fulfillment, positive emotions, more reasons to smile, unexpected adventures, enlightening travels, many warm moments with your loved ones and accomplished dreams!!!

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Work from Home – 10 Tips on How to Stay Organized

Working from home has been introduced by employers at growing levels. As wonderful as it may sound it hides certain risks such as loosing motivation and decreasing efficiency, and as a result falling behind your work schedule and feeling overwhelmed…

Don’t stress and don’t give up! Here are my ten tips on how to stay organized and productive during your workday at home :)

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Sofia Breathes 2015 / София Диша 2015

For sixth year in a row each Sunday in August my city celebrates! It is colorful, loud, delicious, creative, diverse and so much fun. It is an open celebration of the urban life and culture in Sofia! This is the time of the year I really, really like being in Sofia and I enjoy and cherish how my city has developed throughout the years and how my fellow citizens have become to be. Beautiful, energized, smiling, enjoying life :)

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