Smoothie Breakfast Bowl: Coconut Yogurt, Strawberries, Chia Seeds and Oats

Smoothie breakfast has become one of my favorites! Easy, healthy and charming way to kick off my day. The ingredients one could use in a breakfast bowl are pretty much unlimited. In this post I’m sharing one combination I was pleasantly surprised with.


This morning I’ve mixed up in my blender around one cup of coconut yogurt (other type of plant-based or regular yogurt will work, too) with 4-5 good size strawberries and some honey for sweetness. I knew that because of the yogurt my smoothie would turn out a bit runnier than I like it so I added in a handful of oats to make the consistency thicker. The oats make your bowl quite a feeling meal, too.

To top my bowl today I’ve sprinkled some more oats and sliced strawberries, and added a bit of chia seeds that enhance perfectly the nourishing properties of all other ingredients.





It took me less than 10 minutes to put together my breakfast (munch through half of it included) and it kept me full until the next meal.

Do you like breakfast bowls? What are your favorite ingredients to put in a smoothie? Another suggestion from me is a hardy super delicious banana breakfast bowl. Try it out! :)



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