Eco Vacation in Stara Kresna

The first post of July is here and it’s actually dedicated to a wonderful eco-like vacation in the picturesque village of Stara Kresna we had in the middle of June. Yes, it takes me that long to gather those photos in a post :)

It was an amazing experience full of good memories with good friends, homemade pancakes with honey and walnuts, endless hikes, deep herbal-infused breaths, flowers, cloudy mountains (Pirin and Rila), memorable sunsets, forgotten villages, kind local people and nature. Really nature.

At this point I honestly believe that a little getaway that would allow you to immerse into the emotions and experiences nature is able to gift us with, is the best thing you could possibly do for yourself. Losing your mind and senses in views, smells and feelings will put you in a different perspective and recharge your batteries like nothing else.

I hope you enjoy the little snippets from our long weekend trip to Stara Kresna! :)




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