Smoothie Breakfast Bowl: Banana, Kiwi, Oats, Flax and Chia Seeds

Smoothie breakfast is the easiest nutritious way you could possibly start your day with! Not only that, but your morning could look beautiful, too :) I love decorating my smoothie breakfast bowls, these few minutes help me set my mind for the day ahead that have turned into my little happy peaceful morning routine (along with preparing and having my first cup of coffee for the day).



As I said making a smoothie breakfast is no rocket science, all you need is a blender or chopper, or I am pretty sure that with some determination a fork could do the same work, more or less. I adore the combination of banana and kiwi, so these two ingredients are an integral part of my breakfast. To make it extra nourishing and beneficial I add in oats, chia seed, flax seeds or coconut flakes. Each of these goodies is packed with tons of nutritional values fueling perfectly your body until the next meal.


For the lovely bowls I share with you today I used three bananas (one of which frozen), left half of a banana for decorating purposes and blended the rest with some flax seeds. On top I decorated with slices of kiwi, banana and sprinkled some oats and chia seeds.

Let me know how do like such breakfast bowls? What are your favorite ingredients to put in a smoothie? I am always willing to try out new combinations :)




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