Sweet or Salty Colorful Toasts

Make your life colorful; make yourself happy, nobody will do that for you! This I’ve learnt to remember and I’ve been devotedly trying my best to inject as much color as possible in my everyday life.



Art and nature, travel adventures, breathtaking views, interesting people, positive vibes, small gestures, my little moments of bliss, all of these I love. I also love capturing all those colorful moments I come across in photos. I also enjoy sharing those with the world hoping they will put a smile on someone’s face and turn into something precious.


Now making someone smile is the nicest simple thing you can do. Then why not do that for you, too? Of all my experience perhaps this finding I cherish the most. Discovering your way of being happy and balanced will put your thoughts and actions towards others in a much positive perspective. Making people smile definitely starts with making your own self smile and feel good.


I also love good healthy food and taking pictures of it, too. To be honest, making a colorful snack was not completely my own idea (my boyfriend came up with it in its original) but having fun with it was. These delicious sweet and salty toasts we made Saturday afternoon having lots of fun while infusing some bright colors in our day. We seized our creations on photos and ate them blissfully.



There’s nothing fancy in the making of these toasts. On two slices of toasted corn bread we drizzled a bit of olive oil, put some avocado slices, chopped cherry tomatoes, soft brie and black pepper to taste. The salty toasts were ready in no time.  For the sweet ones we chose spelt bread, that we toasted very lightly, spread some sesame butter and simply layered some banana, strawberry and kiwi slices on top. I personally adore sesame butter with bananas.

Put some color in your life, do that for you and for the people around you! :)



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