Coconut, Chia and Cashew Energy Bites

Completely vegan and packed with good nutrients, these energy balls are the perfect pick-me-up treat. They are extremely easy to put together and do not require a ton of ingredients.


For all those coconut lovers (like me!) you will find sweet heaven in a bite-size form in the beginning/middle/end of your busy day. How I came up with the idea actually was during one afternoon at work when I enjoyed a small raw bar in an attempt to recover some energy for a though meeting I was going to have soon.

I had bought the raw bar at a store caring organic foods for an incredible amount of money for what it really was just because I didn’t have much of a choice for good food near my work place.  So I thought to myself why not mix a similar thing myself and have it with me whenever I needed it! I looked at the ingredients and saw dates, nuts and spices – I could do that easily. And I could add coconut, too :)


So here is my humble suggestion for coconut and cashew energy bites that you can take with you whenever you go, enjoy them at home with you morning coffee or present them to your guests on a cozy evening. I added chia seeds, too, for a bit of crunchiness and extra goodness.

This recipe will make for about 25 delectable energy bites.


30 pitted dates

1 cup of raw cashews

½ cup of coconut flakes + about the same quantity for coating the bites

2 tbsp of chia seeds

1 tsp bourbon vanilla sugar (or a dash of vanilla extract)

¼ tsp (a pinch) Himalayan salt

½ cup of unsweetened almond milk



  1. Toss all ingredients (except for the almond milk) in a blender/chopper. Blend while adding the almond milk gradually until everything is combined nicely. A sticky dough-like substance should be formed.
  2. In a separate dish put the coconut flakes. Roll small amounts of the mixture into bite-size balls and coat them one by one with the coconut flakes.
  3. Place the bites on a plate and either leave them outside, if it is not too hot and you prefer them soft, or refrigerate them so that they could turn into decadent homemade bonbons :)



Enjoy! :)



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