Quick Trip and Rearranging Priorities

It took me way too long to write this however I am happy I got around doing it today. This quick family trip we took in the second week of the new year when we visited the charming little town of Velingrad, Bulgaria. Situated in a picturesque valley in the heart of the Western Rhodope Mountains, it is a calm place where life revolves in an unlike pace…

Here people live in houses! Not a very remarkable fact you might think. To me it is though, I’ve had enough of the small cubicles already, and the very thought of spending your time in a house, taking care of it, making it feel homely, creating a secure place for your family…  There is something nostalgic when I think about it. I wish I took photos of all those large family houses in Velingrad. I didn’t. I just admired them from a distance, not wanting to disturb the being of these happy people.

On another note, I like this kind of escape trips and I like spending time with my family away from the big chaotic city. It gives me a different perspective and helps me rearrange my priorities. The reason for the trip was my mother’s jubilee birthday. We had a wonderful little celebration with no birthday cake but with a good wine instead.

At the end of this day, remembering the joyful look in the eyes of my mother, I thought to myself – yes, a birthday cake will not make a celebration memorable, it is the time spend with the people you care about the most that will make you remember. Experience is worth more. Sharing your time is worth more. Caring is worth more.

Now,on that thoughtful note, I will leave you with my awkward selection of photos from this memorable place :)




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