Natural Everyday Makeup Look

Let’s be honest about it, makeup is our secret weapon in conquering the world each and every day. At least, this is how I feel about it. Whenever I put makeup on my face I feel an instant breeze of self-confidence and a settle sense of order coming into life.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t think of makeup as something perceived solely to create a false image. I would rather think of it just the opposite. Having the ability to craft a better polished version of your face by the use of makeup is a true bless in our time. Whatever we see, read or think, a good look will always make a good impression, and impression is worth a ton today :)

I have personally chosen the natural makeup look as my go-to look especially in my everyday life. Further to that, I try to find and use makeup that is produced in a bio-friendly way and is composed of good ingredients meaning that no toxic and heavily chemical ingredients are involved. My skin is too precious for putting it at risk with such ingredients daily. This however is a process that is still ongoing for me.

So without further ado, here are the products I use to fashion my everyday natural makeup look.


Healthy skin is important especially when you are going to expose it without much makeup to cover any imperfections. So take good care of it! My skincare routine surprisingly includes a blend of oils which was unthinkable for me a few years ago since I have combination to oily skin… This however is worth its own time and place, maybe in a future post :)

What I use to supplement my skin though is Alverde Anti-aging Q10 Beauty Balm 7 in 1 – this is practically a BB cream with chokeberry /Aronia/ extract that is very pleasant and subtle in color, the perfect base for an everyday makeup. Sometimes I leave the BB cream as it is or in other cases I top it up with Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in Cool Caramel with SPF 15. There are days when I use Lily Lolo’s powder foundation on its own and it is just fine, Cool Caramel is a flawless match for my skin color.

20160117-IMG_4700BeFunky Collage3


Next I put some Alverde Eyeshadow Primer which, to be honest, is not that spectacular for what it is, I hoped for more staying power of my eyeshadows … anyway I am still on the hunt for a good natural one. And since I don’t trust my eyelid primer enough I make sure to creamy pencil such as the Alverde Highlighter-stift in a soft goldenly beige color or Alverde Kajal Eyeliner in 07 Pearly White. Both of these work pretty well with Bourjois Mineral Eyeshadow in 08 Ombre a paupiere which is my go-to everyday color. For a bit of sparkle in case I feel like it I will use Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in 08 Peach Fetish.

20160117-IMG_470320160117-IMG_470720160117-IMG_4706BeFunky Collage4

Recently, I have opted for a no-mascara appearance which I use only for occasional makeup looks. However black gel eyeliner is a must for me – Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner in black – I put a fine subtle line though and leave the dramatic look for the days I wear mascara. This last step is completely optional, as well – I will rarely use Alverde Brow Pencil in 02 Brunett since I am not very skillful at lining my brows with it, I guess it will take more practice.


Lastly, I wouldn’t miss to mention my simple linen makeup bag by the lovely Violeta from Hello Violeta that holds all my makeup pieces in one beautiful place allowing me to be more organized and easily carry around all my necessities.

Of course, no makeup routine is complete without the proper set of brushes. I love mine dearly and it has been well-used, Ecotools 6 Piece Makeup Set in a handy linen pouch.


I would love to know what your day-to-day most used makeup products are.Do you have a staple natural look that you do frequently? :)



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