Hello 2016!

Good morning and Happy New Year! :)

May this year bring you tons of health, joy and wellbeing! True happiness, energy and strength, motivation, fulfillment, positive emotions, more reasons to smile, unexpected adventures, enlightening travels, many warm moments with your loved ones and accomplished dreams!!!

I have tried to summarize in one sentence (although not grammatically correct ;) all that I wish for my family and friends, for myself, and for each and every person around the world. I truly believe that if we all find warmth and happiness inside our soul, we could all live in a better place. Let’s make it happen in 2016! :) Find what makes you happy and find your balance, help others to do the same and simply enjoy life.

I always start a new year in high spirits, I know, so please excuse my outbreak above :) I can’t help it since I am Bulgarian and it is traditional that us Bulgarians need to speak out our good wishes on every occasion and celebration possible.

I also know that I have not posted anything for a whole month – I must admit when workload steps into play, inspiration is hard to find. This year however I promise myself that balance will be leading and will make more time and place for what makes me happy ;)

  1. Stream positivity from everything – this is hard sometime but hey! If you don’t keep your spirit high, nobody will do that for you.
  2. Be kind to people, be generous, help, give – I always feel good when I spent my time and effort for other people, so why not do more of that. Don’t forget – giving is receiving.
  3. Travel more (this will be constantly on my list). Traveling enlightens my mind and soul; there is something unworldly in the feeling of leaving your secure place to explore… Exploration is great part of human nature or at least it is of mine :)
  4. Take care of my mental and physical health, find balance. No words needed here, it is important and balance is necessary here, as well. J I can only add that I have already started my Yoga Camp (30 Day “Bootcamp” for the Mind, Body & Soul as Adriene says) Who is Adriene and what is Yoga Camp you may find here  Yoga With Adriene
  5. Believe in myself. This last one I will struggle with as it has been throughout the whole of my life but it is vital. If you don believe in your ideas, abilities and willpower, who will believe you then?


And finally, I do promise to write more in my blog! :)

This is my brief new year’s resolutions list. What is yours? What person would you like to be in 2016?

Take care and lots of love,




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