What’s in My Bag? – Minimalistic Autumnal Edition

I have been curious about such posts for quite some time now and as intrigued as I was while back ago when I first discovered them :) There is something mischievous about taking a peek into someone’s handbag but to be quite frank I have picked up some good practices/advises from the many ‘What’s in my bag?’ of other ladies out there.

So here I am sharing the contents of my small Debenhams bag that happened to be my companion on this short trip to our country house one weekend in November. This is literally all I had in the bag carrying with me! I must point out the obvious – I was quite minimalist and happy about it :)


My Debenhams bag is just the right size when you need to stop yourself from carrying around your whole world with you. I must confess I was guilty of this for some long time and it was a heavy duty… Now I much rather prefer to be more concise and light-feeling when it comes to my bag. Even at times when I do carry a bigger bag I try to have all things in it for a purpose and ‘just in case’.

One other reason I love my black and white bag is its versatility – I can easily pair it with sneakers and look effortlessly casually put together or I could wear some preppy flats or ankle boots and have a complete different elegant look.



Mango Wallet. It’s black, small and handy. It fits nicely all my cards and cash. What’s the best about it is that it goes well with all of my bags. I do have to admit it is a bit beaten by the years but still a good sport.

Benetton Glasses. As much as I don’t like to wear them I do need them especially for driving. My new Benetton glasses have a different more modern look from what I used to wear and to tell you the truth I secretly like them :) One of these days I might share a photo of me wearing them…

Light Grey Hair Tie. You never know when you will find yourself in a need of one.

Small Linen Pouch. This one of my favorite things in my bag! This little guy have been such a bless helping me organized my little knick-knacks. Besides the headphones you see in it I also carry my charges, the hair tie and the lip balm and occasionally a pen, a memory stick, some make-up, or other small items. It is handmade and I love it! :)


Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream. This is my Holy Grail product when it comes to taking care of my hands. I love the Avene cold cream for the fact that it nourishes my hands in seconds without leaving a sticky residue, and it smell is so nice and sophisticated. When it gets colder I always make sure to have one in my handbag (50 ml is perfect size) as my hands get very dry very quickly.

Alteya Organics Replenishing Lip Balm Bulgarian Rose. A girl can never go outside without a lip balm, that is a rule J I like to switch my lip balms around but this one I really grew to love. It smells divine and it has excellent repairing benefits and all this due to the organic Bulgarian rose oil it is infused with. I cannot deny everything rose-smelling makes me instantly happy!

If you are curious to know more about it – here is where I got it from www.zoya.bg


Elma Chewing Gum. In lemon flavor with natural Chios Mastic. I must say the original mastic flavor is my favorite one. I always buy this particular chewing gum brand as it is a good healthy alternative to all the mass sold ones that contain not so health beneficial ingredients… Mastic is a natural resin known since Ancient times to the people of the Eastern Mediterranean countries. They chewed it to clean their teeth and to freshen their breath. It was practically the first natural chewing gum of the antique world! :)


Keys. Car and apartment keys – I can’t go anywhere without them J What I forgot to show was my little document pouch containing my ID, driving license and other car-related documents as well as my phone that I used to take the photos with.

Light Grey Foldable and Reusable Tote Bag. This has been a savior so many times. I have been using it for two or so years and it has gone through a lot – still holding good.

There it is, my first ever ‘What’s in my bag?’ – minimalistic and autumnal feeling :)



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