The “Cozy Sweater” Day

Such a day will always come around. Casually sunny and unexpectedly nice – this is the kind of day I don’t feel like putting too much thought into my outfit and each time I find myself reaching for the basics such as my trustworthy cozy sweater :)

I adore this combination and I’m afraid you might see plenty of it. My favorite light knit grey sweater, leggings and sneakers were what I chose for this November Sunday afternoon… Trust me, I felt extremely comfortable catching the last glimpses of the autumn sun and enjoying the beautiful colors and smells this season present us with!

Sweater by Mexx

Leggings by Zara

Sneakers by Fila

Bag by Debenhams




BeFunky Collage3



BeFunky Collage1


20151107-IMG_3999 20151107-IMG_3994

20151107-IMG_4118 20151107-IMG_4054

BeFunky Collage4 20151107-IMG_4110

20151107-IMG_4120 20151107-IMG_4131 BeFunky Collage2




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