Spicy Potato Soup That Will Make You Happy

Typically I am all about the light veggie meals and snacks however on a particular cold gloomy day I would get this craving for a warm spicy meal that will heat up my body and will comfort my soul. Unfortunately (or not!), at this time of the year those days are not rare at all. Thus, one cloudy Saturday afternoon, after a freezing three-hour walk through the city, I decided that a spicy potato soup will be the best thing to do.


This potato soup does not require much and the spices may all be switched for ones that appeal to your taste better.  In any way, a potato soup will always be a delightful-smelling goodness that will sure make you happy.


All the equipment you will need is a medium-sized pot, a blender, a wooden paddle to stir and a ladle to serve. Now, if the time and the mood are right, let’s give it a try :)




4-5 large potatos

1 onion

2-3 carrots

5-6 tbsp vegetable oil

1 cup of almond milk*


1 tsp black pepper

2 tsp marjoram

2 tsp thyme

Salt to taste


4-5 slices of bread**

3-4 tbsp vegetable oil

½ tsp marjoram***

Salt to taste

*You can definitely substitute the almond milk for regular cow’s milk or any other plain unsweetened alternative.

**Any kind of bread you have around will do – making croutons is a good use of a bit older bread that you don’t like to waste

***For the croutons you may use any spice you like as long as it goes well with the rest of the ingredients – I chose marjoram because this spice I really like with potatoes :)




  1. Prep your vegetables – chop finely the onion, cut the potatoes and the carrots to small pieces that will allow them to cook faster. Do not forget to peel the potatoes!
  2. Heat the vegetable oil in the pot and add in the chopped onion – sate till it becomes a nice golden color.
  3. Mix in all the rest of the vegetables. Give them a good stir and allow them to cook for about 5-10 minutes in the pot.
  4. Add in salt to your taste and all the spices. Stir once again!
  5. Pour in enough water to cover all the vegetables and bring it to boil. Once it starts boiling, let it simmer for around 20 minutes – by that time all ingredients should be cooked nicely. Have a fork at hand so that you can try and see if they are ready.
  6. When ready pour the soup in a blender and blend until it gets a good creamy texture, add the almond milk and blend a bit more. You may need to divide the soup into portions as it may not fit in the blender all at once.
  7. Leave the soup for few more minutes on the stove. Here you may decide you need more spices – taste and add in should you feel like it J


  1. Slice the bread into small cubes
  2. In a cooking pan heat up the vegetable oil
  3. Mix the bread cubes with all the spices into the pan
  4. Cook until they become golden and crisp. I like mine a tit bit crispier ;)




Serve while warm with the spicy croutons on top and enjoy you super filling meal! :) Let me know what your favorite soup is around this time of the year!



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