Favorite Breakfast – Nutritious and Delicious

I never used to be the breakfast kind of girl. As long as I had a decent cup of coffee, I was good to go – ready to conquer the world and God knew where I did find all the energy to do that!

Please have in mind also that in my pre-breakfast times lunch was skipped regularly and dinner was not much of a spectacular event, too. All this happening during my university years. Obviously, there were far more important things then than eating healthy nutritious food that will keep me strong and focused through the day… I have no idea how I survived :)

So, one wonderful day I’ve come to realize that what you eat matters. It matters a lot. And we ought to be wise about our food because it’s our only source of  energy for life.

What you put in your body defines your energy levels and your inner balance. Your overall health, and yes I believe your mental as well as physical health depend on the mere food you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between.

So, here is my favorite breakfast now! Simple, nutritious, delicious :) Almond milk, honey, five-grain oats, coconut flakes, cashew nuts and chia seeds!







Hopefully, this will inspire some of you to a healthy beginning. Start by putting just a little bit more effort in your breakfast tomorrow ;)



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