Minimalism and Being Happy

One thing I have experienced that makes me truly appreciative for all the choices I have made and for all the people I have come to know… is realizing this simple truth in life.  Things, buying things, owning things does not make you rich, accomplished or happy.

What makes you feel good about life and genuinely content and grateful with where you stand at is, actually and simply, EXPERIENCE. When you look back in the years what it is that you see most vividly?… Yes, exactly! :)

I would not like to label myself as a minimalist; I would rather say I am on a journey. In this journey of mine each day I try to take small steps, small wise steps towards decluttering my physical and my emotional life, my personal atmosphere, my mind. From an old dress hanging in my wardrobe long lost its purpose to an exhausted, saddling relationship – I try to let go of everything weighing me down.

This little practice of mine has actually helped me find a state of happiness that is lasting. I think this latter word is important – lasting. Lasting happiness. :)

What clutter-less space and mind could do for you:

  • Regain your time. With less stuff, you gain more time to spend on what actually matters to you, people and things that enrich your existence.
  • Live in the present. How many times your thoughts have flown to chores you need to do and things you need to take care of, when supposedly enjoying a fine glass of wine and a good conversation with an old friend, for example?
  • Rediscover yourself – fulfill your purpose, follow your passions, find your individualism and find peace with yourself
  • Clear space, clear mind. Decluttering your surroundings would immediately put you in a different mindset – no disorganized thoughts, no headaches, and no stress!
  • Create more, consume less. Let your imagination work, generate ideas, innovate, see your creation! Mindlessly obtaining and using stuff would only bring you joy for a day or two at the most, and then what? Same again?
  • Healthy body and soul is vital for us humans, this is no secret to anyone. Put your thoughts and direct your efforts towards physical and mental wellbeing. You will never regret it!
  • Experience freedom – with nothing to weight you down, what can you do, what really can you do?

My intention with this post was to share with you a personal discovery of mine. Freeing my space – physically and emotionally – has liberated my mind and allowed me to focus on what is really significant in life. And this has brought me happiness :)))

P.S. If you’d like to have a different view on minimalism, I’d joyfully recommend visiting two blogs that have inspired me greatly – and !




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