Travel Diary: Rome, Italy

In a distant way, Rome felt close to my heart. The city embraced me in its warmth and beauty; it welcomed and tempted me to stay in so many ways. I visited Rome in May, the weather was ideal, just right for my little adventure :)

Days were sunny, full of history, gelato and coffee flavored. Hours and hours I spent wondering paved streets that never failed to take me to delightful views and intriguing places. Nights were calm, fairylike. Charming little restaurants emerged each evening from the dark, the smell of freshly baked pizza and the taste of cold white wine accompanied romance – on the sidewalk and under the stars. A stroll after dinner was always necessary.

Italian people are lively and relaxed in the same time, an admirable quality. One minute frantic about the unjust Vespa taking their parking spot and the next – smiling, kindly articulating directions to a lost tourist soul. They have truly found the balance… :)

Scroll down to see my travel diary in photos!




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Well, five days were not enough… Rome, I will be back! <3


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